GOTO Rankings Considered Helpful


GOTO Rankings are rankings that satisfy the following criteria:
  • Good data: data have been cleaned and curated
  • Open: data is available, regarding attributes measured, at least for verification
  • Transparent: process and methodologies are entirely transparent
  • Objective: based on measurable attributes
For more details, read our Communications of the ACM Viewpoints article from July 2019.
Below are three GOTO rankings for computer science.


CSmetrics is institution-focused, without regard to department structure or job designations for paper authors. It includes industrial labs and takes citations into account.


CSrankings is faculty-centric and based on publications at top venues, providing links to faculty home pages, Google Scholar profiles, DBLP pages, and overall publication profiles. It ranks departments by aggregating the full-time tenure-track faculty at each institution.


CSIndexbr lists full research papers published by Brazilian professors in selected conferences and journals over the last five years. The papers are retrieved from DBLP. The site also provides citations counts and links to preprints.